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Pakowanie promocyjne

We make packages of free gifts and gadgets, advertising tags, group packs of goods, multi-flavour and promotion sets, professional shrink-wrapping.

Pakowanie eksportowe

Packing goods for purposes of sea and air transport Anti-shock and anti-corrosion protection. We pack goods to containers and crates, on pallets, to professional wooden packagings with IPPC certificate.

Opak +

The "Opak+" brand is recognised on the market since 1996. Our product consists in service packing of our clients' goods.

Promotion packing — is as service consisting in packing goods for purposes related to different promotions, launched frequently when selling goods in supermarket chains. Marketing actions aimed at increase of sales of a promoted product by connecting it with another one require appropriate, attractive and inexpensive packaging. Our equipment and experienced staff enable us to meet any requirements of our clients in that area.

Export packing — covers the whole process of preparation and packing goods, mainly machinery and equipment, for sea or air transport. The main purpose of packaging in that case consists in protection of goods against mechanical, physicochemical and biological damage. Reliability of such packaging is of primary importance and has direct economic effect. Goods packed by us were dispatched to many countries throughout the world, including China, United States, Korea and Thailand.

Contact for packing services:

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ul. Ciepłownicza 8
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e-mail: opak@hoga.pl


Formularz zapytań

TECHFORM is a range of technological preparations finding their application in plastics and rubbers processing.

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